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Greg Barnes music
Listen to some Album / EP tracks I've recorded on...
Sharon Martin
(Pop / Rock)
Button Up
(Northern Soul / Mod)
Chris Devotion
(Punk / Rock)
Toy Tin Soldier
(Alternative / Americana)
First Charge of the Light Brigade
(Alternative / Americana)
Vickie Paxton
(Acoustic / Alternative)
(Alternative / Pop)
Le Reno Amps
(Rock / Country)
Button Up
(Northern Soul / Mod)
Live and studio reviews
"...with soulful undertones added by the hammond playing of Greg Barnes, which would happily grace any Elbow or Embrace album."
- 'Toy Tin Soldier', album review: www.themusiccritic.co.uk

"...the six-piece is fronted by the attention-grabbing vocals of Sara Kerr and boasts classic Hammond courtesy of Greg Barnes..."
- 'Button Up' ,album review: www.musiciansunion.org.uk

"...the subtle work of Greg Barnes on keys working well with the groove of the band..."
- 'First Charge of the Light Brigade', live review: www.glasgowmusic.co.uk
Roland-700SX Stage Piano
Roland VK-8 Organ
Korg SV-1
Roland AX7 (The Device)
Roland-550 Amp

Epiphone Les Paul Custom
TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
SD-1 Super OverDrive

Foot Tambourine
Various percussion

Melody or harmony
King Tuts with Alan McKim
Greg would like to take this opportunity to thank Roland UK for their continued support.
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