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Artist: Toy Tin Soldier
Album: Toy Tin Soldier
Released: 2010

"Off The Record"
When Toy Tin Soldier got together for their first rehearsal we worked on the track 'Only Pictures'. I can honestly say I've never been in a room where five musicians click so quickly. We were all on the same page, even before the song has finished and the best part was, we all knew it. The arrangement and parts we wrote that day, were the same ones we ended up recording for the album. All of the other songs followed suit; maybe there was something in the gallons of tea we drank each week, but whatever it was, it worked!

It's an album that gets better with each listen; the simplicity of tracks like 'Not Surprised' just get me every time.

Favourite Track
"Hey Politician"

The full album is available now on iTunes
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