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Artist: Button Up
EP: Covered
Released: 2012

"Off The Record"
The band went in to record this EP at Carlton Studios, Glasgow, under the eagle-eye (and ear) of sound engineer Danny Mitchell. We wanted to make sure 'Covered' had the same live energy we always had at our gigs, so we all set up in our areas; Sara in the vocal booth, I was in the control room, GJ, Soup and Andy played in the main room and Danny hit record.I don't think there was ever more than two takes of any song, if even that many!

Listening back to the EP, I once again think of my Dads' musical heros like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jimmy Smith and I realise how much fun it was to let him hear what this record brought out in me.

Favourite Track
"I Spy for the FBI"

The full EP is available now on iTunes
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