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Artist: Chris Devotion and the Expectations
Album: Amalgamation and Capital
Released: 2012

"Off The Record"
I can honestly say, I still laugh every time I see that 'Amalgamation and Capital has 15 tracks and lasts 34min 6sec. But don't let that fool you into thinking these are 'half ideas' that got thrown together to form an album. Chris knows exactly what he wants and what the focus of the songs should be. Anyone who has the thought process of "Why should you just add a bridge in a song to make it longer? It's just taking up more time to get back to the chorus", is spot on in my mind!

In terms of influences and sounds for the album, we looked at Elvis Costello and early Manic Street Preachers for inspiration. Once we started experimenting with sounds and ideas, it was clear the organ would be key to what we wanted. There's a lot of overdriven Hammond on this album, as there should be on all good albums...

Favourite Track
"I Don't Need You Anymore"

The full album is available now on iTunes
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