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Artist: Vickie Paxton
Ep: Eyes In The Sky
Released: 2012

"Off The Record"
I first saw Vickie performing when she openned up for Toy Tin Soldier in Glasgow. I instantly took to her writing style and arrangements. I think what I enjoyed most about them was how they made me think. I loved the journey of the songs and their simplicity, but just when I thought I had the structure down, she'd have another beautiful change waitiing to surprise me.

When we went in to Riverside Studios to record the 'Eyes in the Sky' EP, Vickie hadn't heard any of the keyboard parts I had come up with and I didn't know if she was a confident performer in the studio. I'm not sure that any element of the recording took more than two takes. We worked great together and we're both really proud of what we created that day.

From my side, I just wanted the keyboard parts to be subtle and to compliment what Vickie was doing; it was important to me that the keyboards parts didn't become integral to the songs, but instead just support her melodies and arrangements.

Favourite Track
"Keep On Falling"

The full EP is available now on iTunes
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