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Artist: First Charge of The Light Brigade
Album: TBC
Released: Unreleased

"Off The Record"
When I first started working as Musical Director with 'The First Charge', I didn't appreciate how good the song-writing really was within the band. Musically we could play any instruments we needed and vocally we could easily nail intricate four-part harmonies, but it took us a while to settle into 'our' sound. But once we did, we brought every influence we'd ever had in our lives, threw them in a pot and let it simmer until this album was created.

Bands like Wilco, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Wallflowers, The Band, The Jayhawks, Deathcab For Cutie and The Fleet Foxes have all been guiding lights, but there's also an underlying indie sound to the band. When we were all growing up in the 90's, the 'indie scene' was big in the UK, so a few of us were listening to bands like Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis. They're all in there somewhere...

Favourite Track
"Civil War"

The full album will be released soon...
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