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Artist: Horse
Album: Coming Up For Air
Released: 2009

"Off The Record"
Horse and I have worked together now for over five years. In that time we've enjoyed countless gigs touring the U.K. and it was a privilege to be playing keyboards on the albums 'Red Haired Girl' and 'Coming Up For Air'.

There are so many great memories I could share, but the thing I think about most when looking back on this album, was the feeling of unity in the studio.It was produced by Bob Sadler, and recorded with the band playing live. We learnt most of the songs on the day and just tried out ideas. We came in every morning and left every night smiling, excited about what we had accomplished and what we were going to be working on the next day. I especially love the end of 'Something Wicked', it was a 'Page and Plant' moment, as Horse and I played-off each others performance. Horse and Bob definitely got the best out of everyone that week!

I wish more albums were recorded like that...

Favourite Track
"Something Wicked"

The full album is available now on iTunes
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