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Artist: Le Reno Amps
Album: Appetite For Construction
Released: 2011

"Off The Record"
If anyone remembers the original Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward, you'll appreciate the red 'Bat-Phone' that rings whenever an exciting new adventure was about to begin. Well that's nothing compared to the anticipation and excitement when 'Le Reno Amps' give me a call to say we're working on a new album!

The recording process is more like the 'Le Reno Amps Loboratory of Musical Mischief'. We end up creating crazy noises that can only be described (and usually are) as a diving B-52 Bomber to R2-D2 having a heart-attack and everything in between. We try shaking keyboards. We're layering octave, upon octave of synths and playing notes only dogs in China are hearing, just to find that one sound that's missing from the song. And we always do.

Working with Scott and Al in the studio is the most ridiculous, relentless and rewarding session - I can't wait till the next one!

Favourite Track
"This One's Not"

The full album is available now on iTunes
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